Transportation & Motor Vehicle


Over 30 Years of Experience Handling Transportation and Motor Vehicle Defense

Many people who are injured feel that they can take advantage of companies, insurance carriers and other entities that appear to have deep pockets. At Jeffrey Samel & Partners, we vigorously defend our clients against such attitudes, and work diligently to minimize litigation costs while maximizing the potential for success in our defense of these cases.

Our New York City-based lawyers have a long track record of success in defending transportation companies and motor vehicle insurance carriers. We seek to disprove or minimize liability and damages, or establish that the plaintiff’s alleged injuries are not serious enough to warrant a large award or even any award whatsoever.

Our law firm has extensive experience in defending these and many other transportation and motor vehicle-related entities:

  • Municipalities
  • Insurance carriers
  • Taxi and limousine companies
  • School bus companies
  • Motor coach companies
  • Commuter bus companies
  • Sanitation companies
  • Interstate trucking companies
  • Local delivery truck companies
  • Ambulance operators
  • Park and recreational vehicle accidents
  • Emergency vehicle accidents

Insurance Defense Lawyers Minimizing Accident Liability for Clients With Cases in Westchester County and Long Island

Our attorneys work with accident reconstruction experts to determine which party was actually at fault for an incident or what injuries would or would not be expected to result. We interview eyewitnesses whenever possible, and we use all available evidence, including obtaining access to video surveillance if it is available. We look at all available evidence and thoroughly review plaintiff’s medical records to learn whether the accident actually caused the alleged injuries.

We recognize that there are many claims that can be settled effectively through negotiation, mediation, or arbitration. Whenever these opportunities present themselves, we pursue them for our clients with the intention of minimizing litigation and award costs. When frivolous claims or unreasonable demands are made of our clients by plaintiffs, however, we aggressively protect our clients from these unfounded claims and unrealistic expectations.

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