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Personal Injury Lawsuit Defense Attorneys Serving New York City and the Surrounding Areas


Large Firm Representation And Boutique Firm Service

The perception that large corporations, insurance carriers, businesses, and other municipal and charitable entities need a large law firm to handle cases filed against them in local jurisdictions is common, but untrue. A competent, professional and highly skilled boutique law firm with a lengthy record of successes is equally if not more capable of defending companies of any size against personal injury lawsuits driven by greed and the mistaken belief that a party with “deep pockets” will be willing to pay compensation, regardless of fault.

Jeffrey Samel & Partners exemplifies such a firm. Our extensive client list and over 30 years of experience in successfully defending companies or other entities from frivolous lawsuits demonstrate this. We are fiercely dedicated to the defense of our clients, and stand steadfast between our clients and plaintiffs who seek to take advantage of them.

We have many clients from all over the country who rely on our New York City-based personal injury lawsuit defense lawyers whenever a case is brought against them in the New York metropolitan area. They work with us regularly because they know we will get them through their current situation as quickly, efficiently, and inexpensively as possible.

Whenever possible, we use alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods to solve our clients’ legal issues. When this is not an option, our highly experienced trial attorneys build solid defenses based on facts and legal precedent to counter the emotional arguments plaintiffs’ attorneys routinely make to the jury.

Self-Insured Business Defense Lawyers Handling Cases of All Kinds in NYC, Westchester County, and Long Island

Our law firm handles a variety of cases for clients of all sizes, including those who are self-insured. While our expertise is broad, the majority of our work falls under these headings: