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Professionalism and Experience in Handling Claims of Product Failure and Injury

Products do fail. However, when individuals use products incorrectly and suffer damage because of it, the manufacturer or retailer should not necessarily be held liable, or forced to overcompensate the individual solely on the theory that it can afford to do so.

At Jeffrey Samel & Partners, our New York City-based lawyers are well-versed in product liability defense. We understand the tactics of eliciting emotion and sympathy that plaintiffs’ attorneys use to sway juries and we counter those tactics with strong defenses built on facts and legal precedent. Our firm has a long track record of successes to its name during its 30-year existence.

Food Contamination Lawyers Debunking the “Deep Pockets” Myth for Cases in Westchester County and Long Island

We deal regularly with the misconception that companies and their insurance carriers will compensate injured individuals at exorbitant rates. Our attorneys spend much of their time debunking these myths and protecting our clients’ interests in personal injury lawsuits.

We offer representation for product liability to these and other companies:

  • Automobile manufacturers
  • Food and beverage manufacturers
  • Appliance manufacturers
  • Tool manufacturers

We know our clients want to resolve these lawsuits as quickly and efficiently as possible, with a minimum of expense. Toward that end, we use alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods when applicable to reach an agreeable settlement. When this is not an option, our attorneys stand steadfast between our clients and those who would take advantage of the system.

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